Younger Woman's Club of Louisville 

Spring Business Meeting and Caucus

  • Thursday, June 09, 2022
  • 6:00 PM
  • Amy Meggett's House - 2300 Village Drive


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Spring Business Meeting & Caucus Potluck

Date - Thursday, June 9th

Time - 6pm

Location - Amy's House 2300 Village Drive, Louisville, KY 40205

While the school year may be ending, YWC still has important business with electing the next Board and selecting next year’s charity!  

With this in mind, we are going to be having a joint Caucus/Spring Business Meeting at Amy's House (2300 Village Drive 6/9 6pm).  


We are running Caucus differently this year.  Gone are the days of needing four names and those listed have to leave the room.  This year, we will be sending a Survey Monkey where you can indicate which positions interest you, and your why.  During the Caucus meeting, we will still ask for nominations, and there will be an opportunity to explain why you want this position as well.  After the meeting, a voting ballot will be sent out and the Nominating Committee will meet to finalize the final two for each position on the slate.  Therefore, the first online vote will be instead of the in person vote we normally had at Caucus. And the second, will be the final vote.



Current Officer


First VP

leads the bylaws committee and is responsible for the directory



Second VP

new member education leader


One position


Maintains meeting minutes



General Treasurer

Collects dues, maintains club financial accounts, pays bills, and does all required reporting



Communications Chair

maintains event announcements on the website, ensures invites to events are sent, sends newsletters and other club communications



Programs Chair

plans social events, makes sure small events are planned monthly



Community Service

initiates and plans service/volunteer opportunities




Spring Business Meeting

We will not be having a speaker this year due to all of the activities we need to get done in this one meeting.  In addition to choosing the next board, we will be choosing next year’s charity we want to support.  I know I enjoyed focusing on one charity and getting to know them well and spread the word about them in the community.  We look forward to delivering a check to UP Louisville soon!  

If you would like to nominate a local charity, please complete the this form and either be prepared to present on the day of the spring business meeting.  Or, you can have someone present on your behalf. 

Who can vote

As a reminder, you must be up to date on your dues.  Wild Apricot isn’t the easiest system, so you can use the donation tab and Tamara will make the adjustment on the back end.  Please ask if you are unsure! 

Younger Woman's Club of Louisville  is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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