Younger Woman's Club of Louisville 

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Who can join the YWC?

  • Must be proposed by an active member in good standing of either the Younger Women’s Club of Louisville or the Women’s Club of Louisville
  • Shall be a resident of Louisville, KY or the vicinity
  • Have not declined membership in the past
  • Have not been dropped from membership in the past
  • Have not failed to answer an invitation to membership within 14 days of her receipt of invitation

To learn more about membership opportunities, please contact any current YWC member or email us at:

When can I join YWC?

We accept membership applications throughout the year. However, the deadline for current-year membership is August 1st. We hold informal gatherings throughout the year so that you can get acquainted with the YWC!

What are the requirements for Members-Elect?

The first year of membership is known as the Member-Elect year.  Members-elect are required to fulfill the following requirement within the first year of membership in order to be inducted into the Younger Women’s Club:

  • Attend Orientation Meetings.
  • Attend six (6) club functions.  One (1) of these must be a business meeting and one (1) Charity Group Visit accompanied by a Member.
  • Complete 20 hours of volunteer service at approved agencies, which includes a minimum of two (2) YWC sponsored community service events.
  • Attend Caucus.
  • Work at a fundraising event, as designated by Membership chair.
  • Pay Club dues of $225 by October 1st

Younger Woman's Club of Louisville  is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

1320 South 4th Street, Louisville KY 40208

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