Welcome to Younger Woman’s Club

What is the Younger Woman’s Club? The mission of the Younger Woman’s Club (YWC) is to serve the community and our members in ways that enhance the quality of life of each. The YWC’s unending commitment to improving our community through volunteering and fundraising makes this organization an invaluable asset to the Kentuckiana area. Since 1921, we have raised over $3 million in which 100% has benefited local, non-profit agencies. Who is the Younger Woman’s Club? A fun-loving and hard-working group of ladies comprised of single women, working mothers, and stay-at-home mothers, ages 21 to 45. Each member comes from a different background and has different reasons for joining the Younger Woman’s Club. Why should I join the Younger Woman’s Club? The YWC offers “something for everyone.” Although our primary goal is helping those less fortunate than us, we are also a very social group! Through fun annual events such as the Holiday Tea, the Charity Ball, and the Fashion Show, we are able to garner friendships, form bonds, and network both professionally and socially. We also offer cooking classes with Louisville’s talented local chefs, wine tastings, educational and shopping events as well as opportunities for charitable work throughout the year. We accept membership applications throughout the year. You must submit membership application by June 15th for each year.  We have informal gatherings so that you can get acquainted with the YWC and we can get acquainted with you!. Click here for more information about YWC membership if you are interested in joining Younger Woman’s Club.